Hearts on the wall and love in our hearts

February is such a great month. In our family we try to focus on showing love to each other,  and not just on February 14th. Here are some of the ways we are doing that this year.

Hearts on the Wall

Tiffany at Raising Lemons shared a great idea: She and her family are reading one “love” scripture each night. I thought this was a fabulous idea, especially when I remembered how well my family does with holiday scripture study (read more about our December scripture reading). But I also decided to take this one step farther and add in a dinner conversation element (inspired by No Time for Flashcards).

So our heart wall looks like this.1-DSC_0012

The scripture on the poster at the top is John 3:16. The free printable here is very clever in tying this into the valentine theme.white-john-808x1024image from Raising Lemons

The front side of each heart shows a scripture (from the list provided at Raising Lemons). The children take turns picking a heart, we look up the scripture and read and discuss it. To encourage our little ones to pay attention, we usually ask them to raise their hand when they hear the word love.


Then we flip the card over and read the LOVE based conversation starter question. Here are the questions I used:

What is one way you showed LOVE to someone today?

What subject would you LOVE to learn more about?

What sport do you LOVE to play or watch?

What famous person would you LOVE to meet?

What is something you would LOVE to learn how to do?

When you grow up, what would you LOVE to be or do?

What animal would you LOVE to have for a pet?

What movie do you LOVE to watch?

What country/state in the world would you LOVE to visit?

What chore in the house would you LOVE to do?

What superpower would you LOVE to have?

What game do you LOVE to play?

What book do you LOVE to read?

What food do you LOVE to eat?

What scripture story/verse do you LOVE to read?

This is a great new tradition that we are all enjoying.

Heart Attack for FHE

1-DSC_0005Tonight for Family Home Evening we shared the love in our hearts by giving heart attacks! The concept is not new, but I was reminded of it its importance by Shawni at 71toes. We all cut out hearts and wrote “I love __________ because”. The two youngest had mom and dad partners to help with the writing. It was such a special positive evening, and our hearts were full as we shared our love for each other.

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