March traditions and plans

February flew by quickly, and I really loved our focus on LOVE for the whole month. Now we are into March and ready for spring. In Florida we are having lovely 80 degree weather this week. Time to take stock of our summer wardrobe and pack up the long-sleeved shirts and jackets (we will likely only need long pants occasionally from here on out).

Here is what we have on our agenda this month:

Celebrate Dr. Seuss Week March 2-7: we will re-read some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books

St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th (see below)

Elementary School International Fair on March 19th: I grew up in Canada, so I volunteered to prepare a booth about this cool country to the north.

Spring Break March 23-27 (see below)

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is one of those fun little holidays that I like to recognize in a small way. At our house, we always wear green of course, and the children wake up to Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast. This year I think we will dye the milk green. I like to attach this cute printable from Blue Skies Ahead.lucky

A few more ideas I like:

Lunch treat printable (attach a gold candy coin)

Decorate the door with this quote from Spencer W. Kimball (image available from LDS printables)LUCK

New rainbow colored markers with gold candy coin attached “You’re my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” (we need new markers anyway, so this is a useful gift for our house)

I also like this “Getting Lucky” idea for my husband (wink, wink).

Spring Break

With the imminent birth of our fourth child, we have no big plans for travel during Spring Break. We will likely arrange some low-key playdates with friends and work on house projects. We will definitely be visiting a nearby farm for strawberry picking and then make freezer jam!

I am still trying to work through my Project List, but the third trimester of pregnancy (and my swollen feet!) are slowing me down. As a friend on Facebook (who is due the same week I am) said:

2nd trimester=”I can do anything.”

3rd trimester= “No, no you can’t.”

So I will do what I can this month, and focus on growing a baby and maintaining life for the other 4 members of my family.

Looking ahead to April

April has a number of significant events, and preparations will need to be made in March.

April 1st: Birthday for Zach

April 4-5th: General Conference

April 5th: Easter

April 15th: Baby #4 is due

It is a little tricky when General Conference and Easter fall on same weekend, with a birthday very close by. We have special traditions for recognizing all three events, but we don’t have time for everything. So I need to do some planning and figure out what our most important focus will be.

What are your March/April traditions?

Bubble Painted Shamrocks and other fun for St. Patrick’s Day

Today the kids and I made bubbles and called it art. It was great fun!

IMG_0020We were inspired by this Lucky Clover Bubble Painting post. The instructions are simple. Draw a clover on a piece of construction paper, place in a pan with raised edges. Put a squirt of dish soap in a small cup, then fill 1/3 of the way with water. Add a few drops of food coloring, stir. Then arm your children with straw and let them blow away until the bubbles overflow the cup. The kids loved this and happily blew bubbles and played for over 30 minutes.

*Note of caution: Be sure that your child knows to blow and not suck on the straw! My five year old had no issues with this, and my three year old started out okay. But by the end in his excitement he forgot and ended up with a mouthful of soap a few times. The soap isn’t toxic of course, but it didn’t taste too good!

We are having some fun with other St. Patrick’s themed activities this week. Check out the links below if you are looking for some inspiration for the 17th of March.

St. Patrick’s Day lunchbox notes

Handprint leprechauns

St. Patrick’s Day Printable Playset

Leprechaun and Rainbow Magnet page

Pot of Gold Letter Assessment

Color and cut-out leprechaun

I like to keep things simple for the holidays, but my kids will have this little cereal gift waiting for them on St. Patrick’s Day. Holidays are a sweet time to remind them how much I love them. Don’t forget something for the husband too!

001Printable available from Blue Skies Ahead.

Meet Mr. Leprechaun

Isn’t he adorable? I saw this handprint leprechaun this morning at Meet the Dubiens, and I knew we just had to make a few of these fellas today. The Sweet Bee loved having her hand painted, saying “It tickles me!”.

Thanks to Teach Mama for the referring link! We’ll be doing her St. Patty’s Day Scavenger hunt this afternoon.

Shamrocks and Rainbows

Our theme for the month of March is mostly shamrocks and rainbows.

We’ve been reading Duckie’s Rainbow by Frances Barry. That book gave the Sweet Bee a template for the colors of the rainbow. Does anybody else sing the little song to remember the colors in order? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. We made a simple rainbow out of colored chenille stems, although our rainbow was a little nontraditional since we had to substitute pink for purple.We experimented with shamrocks and symmetry, from this idea at Teach Mama. We folded green paper in half and drew half of a shamrock and cut it out, then opened it up to discover a perfectly symmetrical shamrock. Next we painted one side of the fold, then folded it back together and smashed it and smushed it. The Sweet Bee’s favorite part was opening it up to see the design on the inside.

We tried making this clover bouquet from No Time for Flashcards. Unfortunately, ours didn’t turn out so cute, but we did have a good time slathering the paper rolls in green paint.

For Family Home Evening this week I plan to count our blessings, using this Lucky Us idea I saw on Sugardoodle.

Making marshmallow rainbows has been on my project list for awhile (my girls loooooove marshmallows), and now we can make marshmallow shamrocks as well. I just have to find some multi-colored marshmallows at the store (I struck out at Publix this week).


A friend recently introduced me to the very handy site I Share Printables. Go check it out, it’s very fun. Browsing there I found the following fun links:

St. Patricks Day coloring page

St. Patrick’s theme lunchbox notes from Crafts & Sutch: I’ll be putting one of these in the Ant Bug’s lunch tomorrow!

Fun room art, like this subway art from eighteen25.

Fun Shamrock and Rainbow ideas I like but haven’t had time for yet

Shamrock Stamp craft at Silly Eagle Books: use foam heart stickers on a bottle cap to create a stamp

Rainbow connection and rainbow pudding at Make and Takes: food coloring with milk or pudding, take your pick! Great color mixing lessons.

Rainbow pancakes at The Idea Room: what a fun idea for our traditional Saturday morning pancakes or waffles.

Stained glass shamrocks at Teach Mama: pretty decorations for the window

Looking for other March ideas? I love this hand print lion and lamb craft at Meet the Dubiens. I think we’ll use this for our Letter of the Week “L” project coming up soon!

Will you be wearing green on March 17th? I’m all set in this sweet apron my dear husband got me for Christmas!