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Highlights from the March 2014 General Women’s Meeting

The invitation for all women age 8 and up to view the General Women’s Meeting is an exciting change.  My oldest daughter is now 9 years old and it was wonderful to watch that session together. I hope that she will remember what she feels as she hears the inspired messages, and be grateful to be a woman in the latter-days. The theme of making and keeping our covenants, and finding strength in our covenants, was the prevailing message I took home from the meeting. Here are my notes from the speakers.

Sister Wixom (Primary): *COVENANTS. Review the YW theme “We are daughters of a Heavenly Father who loves us, and we love him.” We make covenants. Baptism and the sacrament lead us to the temple. Hold fast to the covenants on the path. “Lift up your heart and rejoice, and cleave to your covenants” (D&C 25:13, revelation given to Emma Smith).1324725-2

Sister Oscarson (Young Women): We are sisters who are united. Sisters take care of each other. When we compare ourselves to others we will always feel inadequate–so don’t do it! Women really need each other. *Be a Primary leader who loves children. Testify to others of the great blessings of RS.*As we look beyond our differences in age and circumstance to nurture and serve one another, we will be filled with the LOVE of Christ. I invite you to not only LOVE each other more, but LOVE each other better.41138

Sister Burton (Relief Society): our work is to be a disciple–come and follow him. Mormon declared “I am a disciple of Jesus Christ” (find scripture reference?) Being a disciple is a gift. The best way to strengthen a home is to keep covenants. *What does it mean to me to be a disciple of Christ? Help Wanted–step forward in righteousness and be a disciple.

“We are cov’nant [daughters] with a gift to give.  We will teach the gospel by the way we live.With each word and action, we will testify: We believe, and we serve Jesus Christ.”


President Eyring (First Presidency): “Inasmuch as parents teach children in Zion…” (D&C 68:25-27). You are one of the favored few, a daughter in the covenant. Keep the commitment to comfort and serve. Heavenly Father sees not only what you are, but what you may become. Satan is attacking sisters earlier, while the Lord is lifting sisters to higher levels of spirituality. Follow the examples of great women–study Eve. “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart…” (Proverbs 3:5-6)1324834

To access full text and video of the General Women’s Meeting, click here.

April 2014 General Conference: Sunday Highlights

General Conference was wonderful. I have much to think upon and am inspired to improve upon in my life. Here is my quick run-down of the talks from today. Note–my children were a little more antsy today (as to be expected for their age of course), so my notes are not as complete as I would have liked. But thankfully modern technology makes all of the talks readily accessible to study again in my own quiet time!

President Uchtdorf: GRATITUDE. Being grateful makes life sweeter. As disciples of Christ we are commanded to thank the Lord in all things. We should be grateful in times of trial, not just when things are going our way. Recognize God’s handiwork in the tapestry of life. *Study gratitude/thankfulness as an attribute of Christ.1329788

Elder Ballard: Preach My Gospel teaches how to invite and follow-up–study this manual. Invite someone to hear the missionaries 4 times a year.

Sister Stevens: Heavenly Father accomplishes his miracles one prayer at a time, one person at a time. The gospel is not a checklist of things to do. It lives in our hearts. “Fear not, I am with thee, be not dismayed” (Hymn, and Isaiah 41:10)

Bishop Stevenson: stories of 3 LDS Olympians. This life is our “4minutes”-our day to perform our labors.  ”Let us run with patience the race that is set before us” (Hebrews 12:1). Make an action plan for family members and their next essential ordinance (ie. baptism, endowment…)1329810

Elder Bednar: story of the man, the truck, and the load. Bearing a load is part of the Father’s plan. “Come unto me all ye that labor”. Making covenants yokes us with Jesus Christ, he will share our load. Alma and his people-burdens are made light through the load. *INCREASED CAPACITY-pray for this in my roles and responsibility. The atonement is for those who are trying to become better.

President Monson: LOVE is the very essence of the gospel, and Jesus Christ is our exemplar. Other attributes of love. Recognize someone’s need and respond. Everyday we are given opportunities to show love and kindness. “Charity is the pure love of Christ”. *Love should be the very heart of family life. Be compassionate and encouraging. *Rise in the morning determined to respond with love and kindness to whatever may come that day.1329823

President Packer: gaining a testimony.1329908

Elder Walker: every member should know the conversion stories of their ancestors. *Research these stories and compile them for my children-this would be the greatest gift. Stay true to the faith.

Elder Perry: obedience is a choice.1329882

Elder Corbridge: story of Joseph Smith. The truth will always be opposed.

Elder Teh: we need to recognize when enough is enough (in temporal things). “For where your treasure is, there will your hearts be also”. *Where do I devote my time and treasure? *Study and understand the doctrine of Christ.

Elder Aidakaitus: one should not roam through garbage. Revelation is knowledge.

Elder Christofferson: account of Christi’s resurrection. The grace of Christ is real. It is only through him that we are saved.

President Monson: nourish our testimonies constantly that they may be a strength to us. *May we ever be found doing the work of the Lord.

April 2014 General Conference: Saturday Highlights

General Conference so far has been wonderful. I was more conscientious about note taking this time around, so I just wanted to recap a few of my favorites. Note that some of these might not be actual quotes, but what my head and heart heard as I listened today.

Elder Holland: Christlike love is the greatest need on our planet. How do I love as Christ does? Pure christlike love flowing from pure righteousness can change the world.1328737


Elder Rasband: Love, prayers, appreciation

Sister Reeves: how do we lead children to deep conversion? By “we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ…(2 Nephi 25:26). Daily scripture study and prayer and weekly FHE should be the priority-it doesn’t matter in the long run whether the dishes or laundry are done. The Book of Mormon carries power to protect families-how can I study it more and better?1328748

Elder Anderson: challenges will come, but the Lord can strengthen you. The Book of Mormon protects from the world’s whirlwinds. Stand in holy places.1328753

President Eyring: everyday you can choose to make or keep a covenant with God. If you let the Lord be the leader of your family, things will work out.

Elder Nelson: faith is the antidote of fear. Even if everyone is doing it, wrong is never right.1328948

Elder Scott: loving them is a powerful motivation for influencing those you want to help. The greatest example who ever walked the earth is our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Elder Hales: obedience is motivated by true love.

Elder Cook: our doctrinal obligation is to to our own ancestors. Do the work for my family, both the roots and the branches. Our family history centers are now in our homes.

General Conference at our house

It’s General Conference weekend, and that makes me smile for a number of reasons.

1) What a blessing it is that we can hear words of wisdom from a living prophet and apostles. So many talks are exactly what I need to hear, and provide the fortification I need to carry on in my roles as mother and wife.

2)Traditions! How we watch General Conference as a family centers on a few traditions that my children know and enjoy. Traditions are a good thing.

3)The entire weekend with my family! No other meetings for my husband or myself.

4)Good food to eat!

Here is a little peak at what General Conference weekend is like at our house.

In the week prior, we spend some time talking to our children about General Conference and the importance of it. We usually have a FHE lesson about it, and we review the names of the First Presidency and the 12 Apostles. I have a little set of flashcards with their pictures and we sing a little song (to the tune of 10 Little Indians) to help remember their names in order : Monson, Eyring, Uchtdorf, Packer, Perry, Nelson…We keep the cards up all week.General-Conference-Quotes-6

This week I came across some great printables from the Red Headed Hostess about General Conference. We talked about them at breakfast, and added them to our wall with the apostles pictures.General-Conference-Quotes-5

Conference Saturday at our house means crepes for breakfast! Today we ate ours with nutella, strawberries, bananas, powdered sugar, whipped cream, and coconut (well, some just had nutella, and some just had powdered sugar, but we had yummy options!).

We have some very nice friends who invited us to watch a session with them and have lunch with them afterward. That was lovely! We don’t require our children to watch all of the sessions of conference, so it was fun for them to have friends to play with outside when they were wiggly. And the ribs for lunch were fantastic! I wanted to bring something yummy as an appetizer to share, and when in doubt for a new recipe, you can’t go wrong with Our Best Bites. I browsed their index and discovered this Fresh Fruit Bruschetta with Honey Orange Cream.OBB Fruit Bruschetta 1 crIt turned out really yummy and will definitely be added to my regular recipe list. I made mine today with strawberries, oranges, and pineapple, but you can really use any kind of fruit. My crazy kiddos who don’t eat fruits or veggies (okay, they eat a few, but that’s a topic for another day) were happy with the cinnamon toasted bread.

General Conference weekend also means activity packets. Hello, Sugardoodle for a plethora of options! I showed my children some of the options available and let them pick out what interested them. My 9-year-old picked the Mormon Cartoonist packet by Arie Van De Graaff. She is working on listening more and learning how to take notes.  My 6-year-old picked the Ultimate General Conference packet, A to Z by Food Storage and Beyond. There are a lot of activities in there, and it should keep her occupied the entire weekend, plus more Sunday’s to come in the future. My 4-year-old didn’t pick a packet, since that is not really his thing. He played outside a lot today, and will most likely be occupied with cars and trains and legos.

The last step of preparation this morning involved removing the General Authority poster from the most recent conference Ensign. The children get to put a sticker on the picture of whoever is speaking.IMG_1250

I’ve got a few more tricks up my sleeve for General Conference Sunday. My children love the “Don’t Eat Pete” game, so when I saw this Prophet version by Cookie Nut Creations I had to download it.  We will play it tomorrow (and raid our Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day candy stash in the process).Don't Eat Me-4

General Conference Sunday also means…cinnamon rolls made by my husband! Can’t wait!

This post has focused on more of the fun traditions and activities of General Conference. These are important and nice, but of course the most important thing is the messages we hear by the apostles and through the spirit. What a wonderful time!

Learning about the First Presidency

Today is the first day of Fall. After living in Florida for the past 5 years, I have come to realize that September and October still mean hot and humid weather and swimming for us, while I can only remember wistfully the beautiful changing leaves in the Utah canyons. But wherever we live, October will always mean General Conference and the opportunity to learn from true living apostles and prophets. I am thankful for it!

To prepare our children for General Conference this year we have been learning about the First Presidency during Family Home Evening. A big thanks to A Year of FHE for posting lessons on each member of the First Presidency. So far we have followed Emilie’s lesson plans for President Eyring and President Uchtdorf, enjoying some creative water-coloring and paper airplanes to help us share in the apostles interests. We’re looking forward to our upcoming lesson on President Monson this week. To conclude each lesson we ended with sweet treats and the viewing of any Mormon Messages videos that pertained to that apostle. This video on patience is one of my favorites:

I love the Mormon Message videos, and I often use them in Family Home Evening lessons. You can view all of them here.

Next on my “To Do” list is to get the children’s activity packets ready for use during General Conference. The current version of the ever-popular Sugardoodle packets are available here, and you can get loads and activities and ideas from this Sugardoodle index page. If you want to see my favorite ideas, hop on over to the Tags box in my right side bar and click on General Conference.

Best wishes for fall and an inspiring General Conference!

Teaching our children to love the prophets (and getting ready for conference)

“It is when children are young that parents must be innovative in helping them develop good habits regarding conference participation. As our children are given opportunities to observe and learn the role of these special witnesses, they will receive a spiritual confirmation of the sacred calling of their Church leaders, and they will feel a deeper love for and interest in these leaders and their message” (Elder Neil L. Anderson, source).

General Conference is just a few days away, so that means it is time to get the packets ready for the children! Having a packet of coloring pages and activities for the children to work on during General Conference has become an important tradition in our home, and it helps our children to really look forward to the special weekend. It helps them to be reverent and listen more to the speakers, even at a very young age. I am very thankful for so many people who do the work of assembling the packets and freely share their talents with the rest of us!

Be sure to visit the Sugardoodle.net General Conference page for links to the most current packets available. I really like the design of this season’s packets by Angela and Melanie, and it is helpful to have them age appropriate for nursery, junior primary, senior, etc. I am printing some pages from a few different packets to get the right match for the abilities and interests of my two girls. It is exciting to have a fluently reading 6 year old, since that ability opens up a lot more activities for her to work on.

We love a good toilet paper roll craft at our house, so my girls should enjoy the First Presidency Toilet Paper Roll puppets in the nursery packet.

Our Family Home Evening lesson this week was centered on getting to know the First Presidency and Twelve Apostles. We did a little match-up game and shared a few facts about each apostle, using these apostle cards. Unfortunately, the lesson didn’t go over as well as I had hoped, probably due to a lack of planning on my part (plus I should have remembered that talking about 15 men in one sitting is way beyond the attention span of my 3 year old). They did think the apostle song was funny.

But I really like the idea shared at the Crane Corner. Jeanine used three different Family Home Evening nights to learn about the apostles, and then did a memorable activity that tied in with the interests of one of the apostles discussed. For example, making banana bread because President Eyring likes to bake, or painting because Elder Scott enjoys painting.

So here is my new idea: In the coming months we will spend one FHE night a month (or more!) focused on one of the apostles. We will use this resource to learn about their life and background, we will review their most recent conference address, and then we will do an activity that connects with that apostles life or his conference address. I am excited about this plan, and I think it will help us to bring the messages of conference home a little bit more, while helping us all to learn more about our leaders.

“Our challenge as parents is to prepare our homes so that our children might be “armed with righteousness.” In the future, a discernable distinction of the true followers of Christ will be the heed and attention they give to the living prophets and Apostles. As our children listen to these men, they will find their way.”

“Some might say it is not the leaders who are important, but the message they bring. Yet, if our children do not know the names of the members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, they most likely will not know their messages either.”

Neil L. Anderson, “Teaching our Children to Love the Prophets”, Ensign, April 1996, 44.

What do you think? Are you ready for General Conference this weekend?

General Conference Links

This General Conference Weekend has really crept up on me, I can’t believe how fast the month of September has flown by. Actually, the six months since the last session of General Conference have flown by–our baby was just 2 days old then, and now he is sprouting 2 teeth!

Sadly, with a husband out of town on business this weekend, I’ll be “attending” (read: watching at home) conference alone with 3 children under the age 5. So the following links are where I’m looking to keep the kids busy and somewhat quiet!

The first place to start is always Sugardoodle.net. She has links on her home page to the best resources for General Conference. I am excited about her most current packets, since you have four choices to find the one that best matches your child’s interests. Be sure to visit her General Conference page for loads of ideas.

But if you don’t have time to sort through her massive list, be sure to visit My Favorite Resources for a General Conference Weekend. I compiled all of my favorite ideas for April 2010 (including the General Authority tie coloring page), and the links are still good.

New this round, I’ll be trying the temple lacing card from A Little Tipsy. I think that will be perfect for the nearly 3 year old Sweet Bee.

Edited to add: Saturday I discovered a few more activity and coloring pages on Prepared LDS Family. The Ant Bug loves mazes and dot-to-dots, so these links will help supplement our packet this weekend.

I hope these links and packets help your kids to stay busy and somewhat quiet. Enjoy your Conference weekend!

My favorite resources for a General Conference weekend

“Decide now to make general conference a priority in your life. Decide to listen carefully and follow the teachings that are given. Listen to or read the talks more than once to better understand and follow the counsel” (source).
One of the greatest blessings of being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is being able to hear living prophets and apostles speak. Our family has a tradition of watching all four sessions of General Conference at home, but we make use of a lot of activities to keep our children interested and occupied for the eight hours.
A General Conference weekend scene, October 2009.

Be sure to check out the 2010 General Conference Packets from Melanie at Sugardoodle.net. She puts a lot of effort into her work, and her packets are always excellent. She has different versions for junior primary and senior primary and youth.

The 2010 Apostle Cards are available here, along with suggestions on how to use them. You could use the cards to play Don’t Eat the Prophet, or play the game with the original prophet cards.

LDS.org’s General Conference packet
is a great resource for older children to take notes on the talks.

Fun with stickers: Remove the poster from the most recent conference Ensign. Hang it on the wall, and then the children get to put a sticker on the picture of whoever is speaking.

A few years ago we had a lot of success teaching the Ant Bug the names of the Apostles by singing their last names to the tune of 10 Little Indians. Unfortunately, with the changes in the last few years the names don’t have quite the same flow. Here are a few other tune suggestions that you might like to try for Family Home Evening.

There are quite a few variations available when it comes to coloring books. This Conference Coloring Booklet is great, but I also like these versions that fit two pictures per page ( packet by Erin and packet by Debbie).

Here is a link to an LDS Bingo game. You could use this during conference sessions and have your children mark off the words as they hear them mentioned. We like to use M&Ms or skittles for game pieces.

A Little Tipsy put together a General Conference themed Easter egg hunt coloring and cutting activity. A great way to combine both special events in the weekend.

And a session of General Conference would not be complete without coloring the General Authorities ties!

The Ant Bug’s completed ties from October, 2009.

Be sure to visit the General Conference page on Sugardoodle.net for more ideas. This is a wonderful resource, thanks to the contributions of so many people.

Our activity packets for April 2010. Each child has her own folder, and then I have a general folder for the whole family with additional coloring pages and games and the apostle cards. Add in crayons, scissors and glue and we are ready to go!

Preparing for General Conference (with children in mind)

Some timely counsel by President Gordon B. Hinckley:

“I invite you to listen, listen if you will by the power of the Spirit, to the speakers who will address you [in General Conference]. If you will do so, I do not hesitate to promise that you will be uplifted, your resolution to do what is right will be stronger, you will find solutions to your problems and your needs, and you will be led to thank the Lord for what you have heard” (source).

Are you ready for General Conference? I’ve still got some work to do. Here are some of the things I’m doing to prepare, so my family can get the most out of General Conference.

We had a special Family Home Evening lesson this week to prepare our children for conference weekend. The Ant Bug asked if we are going to play the “game where we listen for words (“temples” or “faith” of “Jesus Christ”, etc) and get to eat a candy (skittles or M&Ms) when we hear the word?” Obviously this game made an impression on her! You can get the key words file in this document.

As always, Sugardoodle.net is the place to look for General Conference helps. One of my favorites is the General Authority ties which has been updated and can be found here.
These Apostle Cards are something new I’m trying this round. They have pictures and basic facts about each apostle (did you know President Monson can wiggle his ears?), and as soon as I get them laminated tomorrow we’re going to start talking about them . During the sessions we’ll use them to play “Match the speaker”.

This activity worked really well last April, so we’ll be repeating it. Remove the poster from the most recent conference Ensign. Hang it on the wall, and then the children get to put a sticker on the picture of whoever is speaking.

The Church has put together a General Conference Notebook for activities to do before, during, and after General Conference (it’s on the right hand side of the page). It’s a great journal keeping tool for older children.

I’m also rounding up toilet paper rolls to make miniature versions of the Prophet Spyglass.

With both of my girls in varying stages of illness this week, I didn’t feel comfortable bringing them along to my Visiting Teaching appointments (yes, I know we are last minute–we’re working on that!). When I saw this idea for a conference goodie bag I thought it would be perfect for the sisters I visit.
This is what the note says:

Just POPPING (popcorn) by to wish you a meaningful conference weekend. Sit back, relax and SOAK (lotion) it all in. Hope you learn something EXTRA (gum) and take NOTE (notepad) when you feel the spirit. Enjoy!

(Your name here)

I think I’ll use some of those same items in a basket for my girls!

Looking for more? Check out my General Conference posts from the past. You can find some great coloring pages and activity packets here.

Preparing for General Conference–With Children (Spring 2009)
General Conference Activity Packets (Fall 2008)

Preparing for General Conference–With Children

Viewing General Conference is a different experience now that I have young children in my home. I feel very fortunate to be able to see and hear the words of the living prophet in my home (hooray for BYU-TV). But if I expect to be able to actually listen to any of the conference proceedings with two children, it’s best to be prepared.

Sugardoodle.net is the best place to look if you’re searching for General Conference packets and resources to use with your children. Melanie has one page indexing the General Conference activities on her site. There are a lot to choose from! Since my oldest daughter is 4yrs old, this Conference Coloring Booklet is a good match for us. Here you can get the one sheet page to color the General Authorities Ties.

This packet that Melanie created is great for older children. And this packet by Jodi is a great combination for older and younger children.

Did you see this excellent article in this month’s Ensign magazine? Preparing Children for Conference. Kate took the ideas from the article and compiled them in an easy-to-read list. These two ideas sounded like fun to me:

• Hang the pictures of the apostles near the T.V. and each time a new speaker gets up to speak, find his picture on the poster. When the picture is found, put a sticker on that person’s picture.
• Have a bowl of small treats for each session. Next to the bowl place objects that represent key words for that session. Each time the children hear one of those words spoken from the pulpit they can help themselves to one treat.

With still a week and half to go until the big weekend, it’s quite likely that more resources will still appear. Check the main page for any new postings. Thanks again to all of the wonderful people who have shared their ideas with us on Sugardoodle.net.

You can also check out Mormon Momma for more ideas on Making General Conference Memorable.

That should give you plenty to last through four sessions. Or, really, with the attention span of most children, that’s probably just enough for one session. When all else fails, I am thankful we can read the proceedings of conference online and in the Ensign!