10 Things Not to Say to Your Children

Recently I discovered this post, 10 Things Not to Say to Your Children, via Pinterest. I thought it was a good list to remember and try to remove from my daily conversations with my children. (You can follow the link to get the explanation behind each point, and ideas for what you can say instead)

1. No (running, hitting, yelling, fill in the verb)!

2. Good job!

3. Don’t argue with me.

4. Wait until your Dad/Mom/other person finds out about this.

5. If you do that one more time…

6. You are doing that the wrong way.

7. That is what happens when you…

8. You can’t/Don’t do that.

9. We are (whatever the child doesn’t want to do at that moment), OKAY?

10. You are making me really mad right now.

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