A Pumpkin Party Weekend

After a fun trip to the pumpkin patch last week, we’re planning a family fun night to carve our pumpkin. But with a little time to spare on a long weekend I decided to invite my girls to a Pumpkin Party Weekend. We’ll be working on activities inspired by the following great ideas I’ve found in my Google Reader this week.

5 Little Pumpkins from The Activity Mom
Newspaper Ghosts from Serving Pink Lemonade
Bean Skeletons and Macaroni Spider Webs from The Activity Mom (but I think we will try outlining our spider webs with string)
My friend Emily brought some adorable Hot Dog Mummies to the Sweet Bee’s preschool party. This is what we’ll be having for dinner on Halloween night, along with the Spooky Jello-Jigglers, and some Halloween themed pasta if I can find it at the store (thanks Courtney for the idea).

I don’t think we’ll get to it this year, but some time I would like to try the Frozen Banana Ghost Treats from No Time for Flashcards.

What are your favorite pumpkin activities?
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  1. Thanks so much for this posting! I was babysitting last night and wanted a fun craft so I tried the pumpkin coloring craft and it was perfect!! :- )

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