My August Projects (and a little break)

The list of projects on my “to do” list keeps growing longer and longer, and I haven’t been making much headway on it lately.

Some of the projects on my August “to do” list include:

-get the Ant Bug ready for kindergarten (shopping for supplies and clothes–a good deal on uniform polos is proving to be a challenge!)

-revise our family budget for 2010-2011 (being graduate students, this is the fiscal calendar that works best for us)

-sort through our paper files

-prepare for a new year of teaching piano lessons

-a temporary contract job doing some design work

-clean my house regularly (this has been a little more difficult to accomplish with 5 people in our house now!)

-enjoy the last weeks of summer (swimming, splash park, beach-although in reality the heat will be with us in Florida for awhile yet)

-work on dejunking the living area and master bedroom

And spend some quality time with my three little cuties! And my awesome hubby too!

But if I’m going to get any of this done, I need to take some time away from this blog. So except for the regularly scheduled LDS quotes on mothering and parenting, you won’t be hearing from me anymore this month. Feel free to browse back and read some of my older posts you might have missed.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I’ll be back in September!
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2 thoughts to “My August Projects (and a little break)”

  1. A much deserved break I'd say. I hope you get all of your "to-do's" done and enjoy these next few weeks before the "routine" changes – AGAIN!!

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