Love, Limits and Latitude

Have you picked up your August 2008 Ensign yet? I was thrilled to discover two excellent parenting articles included in the issue.

Grasshoppers, Purple Bathtubs, and Other Surprises struck a familiar chord with me. Like myself, the author studied child development in college and learned the scientific principles behind parenting. But real life doesn’t always serve up what you expect; the key lies in viewing life as an adventure and taking everything in stride.

Wanda I. Allen, “Grasshoppers, Purple Bathtubs, and Other Surprises,” Ensign, Aug 2008, 52–53

In Love, Limits and Latitude, three BYU experts in the parenting field offer great counsel to parents centered on three key principles. A few parts that stood out to me:

“Take time to be a real friend to your children. This includes spending time with them, showing affection, praising what they do well, teaching new skills, reading to them, conversing often, and assuring children they are loved during moments of correction.”

“A natural but ineffective response to misbehavior can be to simply demand obedience. One father found that spending positive time with his son encouraged positive behavior much more than shouting or spanking did.”

“President Faust encourage parents to use prayerful discernment as they select consequences for misbehavior. No matter the seriousness of the offense, the method of correction must treat the child with consideration and dignity.”

“Parents need to prepare their children in small steps to govern themselves so that they will be prepared for the day when they eventually leave home.”

“The insights we receive through prayer will help us respond appropriately to their needs and challenges. It helps to remember that parenting is a fluid, dynamic process. It can take time to see the result of our efforts. “

Craig H. Hart, Lloyd D. Newell, and Julie H. Haupt, “Love, Limits, and Latitude,” Ensign, Aug 2008, 60–65

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  1. Hey Kristi! What a neat blog you have created. I was reading from your other blog as well~you are such a great mom. I hope I can learn more from you through this blog. Thank you for doing this!

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