Safeguard your family with family prayer.

“We cannot build walls of brick and stone around our families, but we must constantly put safeguards around them to protect them. These safeguards will be a protection. May
I mention three ways to protect and strengthen our families.

Family Prayer
One of these is family prayer. The Spirit of the Lord is invited into the home through prayer and harmony in the home. Parents need to teach their children that they are children
of God and that they should pray to Him daily. Praying together as a family is a bonding experience. Younger children can learn how to pray as they hear the prayers of their parents
and older siblings.

My own heart and mind were captured as a young boy by my grandfather’s prayers. His large family knelt morning and night before meals. At the time, I thought his prayers were
far too long! He had much to pray about. He was a farmer and rancher. It was during the Great Depression, and there was a terrible drought in the land. His animals were starving.
He had many mouths to feed. But his prayers were so fervent and his faith so great, I was convinced that the Lord would provide and that all would be well. It ultimately proved
to be so. Individual prayer and family prayer are indispensable to personal and family happiness.”

James E. Faust, “Challenges Facing the Family,” Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting,
Jan. 10, 2004, 2–3.

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