Special Snuggly Blankets

One tradition I have wanted to adopt for my children is their own special snuggly blanket. The only problem is that I am not much of a sewer, so taking on a project like sewing a quilt is a little bit daunting. Thankfully, when the Ant Bug was about 6 months old, my talented sister-in-law walked me through the process of making a baby quilt. Here is the finished product:

The Ant Bug has loved it, and she still sleeps with it every night. In her words, this is how she feels about her special blanket: “gdnbvcnvhvlffgfkkfjfmfmjff,jfmj,,gh,h’;jj;h;h’h;j”H’j;j’hljkjkhgkjhjgkjgjghjhghjghjkhjhgyth;hg;h.lhglhlhlhlhlhlghl./

Now that we live in Florida, I knew I was on my own to make a quilt for the B. Using the previous quilt as my pattern, and thanks to my good friend who loaned me her sewing machine, I was able to make a quilt. Now, I am really not a seamstress, and I wouldn’t want anyone to look too closely at my stitches, but it turned out decently well.

And she seems to like it!

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