Commit to reading the scriptures daily

“I believe that neglecting to study the scriptures on a regular basis is a form of hardening our hearts. I fear that if we persist in that course, we will be given a lesser portion of the word and eventually know nothing of God’s mysteries. Drinking daily from the scriptures, on the other hand, will help us build spiritual strength and knowledge, unmask the deceptions of the devil, and discover the snares he has laid to catch us.

“As you ask yourselves the following questions, I invite you to allow the Holy Ghost to speak to your mind and heart:

  • Do I take time to study the scriptures every day?
  • If not, what excuse do I have for not doing so?
  • Will my excuse be acceptable to the Lord?

“I challenge you to commit to reading the scriptures daily. Do not go to bed tonight until you have read. As you read, there will come to you a greater desire to do the will of the Lord and to make changes in your life.”

Elder Michael John U. Teh, “The Power of the Word of God”. March 2013 Ensign

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