Fun Felt Cupcakes

Rachel from Small Notebook shared a fun idea at alphamom: cupcakes made from felt.

I love doing projects with felt (hair clips, anyone?!) and I knew my girls would love this activity. Rachel provided the template, so I sat down with the girls and my scissors and a pile of felt and we got busy. They selected the colors while I did the cutting. We ended up with 6 cupcakes, so that allows for quite a few variations. My girls liked creating faces on their cupcakes. This was a great imaginative activity. My girls were singing “mix mix mix”, “bake bake bake” , and “frost frost frost” (to various tunes) through all the stages of creation. So much fun!

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One thought to “Fun Felt Cupcakes”

  1. I read this post and the one below and realized you could make cute food felt hair clips. Little mini chocolate chip cookies…cupcakes…little pizzas? Maybe that’s too much of a food to wear in your hair. 🙂

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