A variety of felt hair clips

One Sunday morning last November, we were getting ready for church and the girls were excited that it was finally cool enough that they could wear their winter dresses. But alas, I realized that we had no hair accessories that went with their BLACK dresses. So I decided to pull out some black felt and see if I could make them some cute hair clips. This is what I came up with:

A few circles cut from felt, hot glued on top of each other, a decorative button hot glued in the middle, and then the whole thing hot glued to a metal double-pronged clip. Really easy, and they look pretty cute. (I have to confess that I usually do not have time on a Sunday morning to whip up something cute, but the cards were in my favor this day).

The hair clips were so easy to make that I knew immediately that I would need to make more. And then I realized that these hair clips would be the perfect, inexpensive gift to give my piano students for Christmas (8 girls ranging in age from 5-11 years; the one lone boy I teach got treats, because what else do you give a 12 year boy??)

So I made a lot more clips.

And then I quickly realized that these hair clips would be a great gift for the Sweet Bee and the Ant Bug to give to their friends as a Christmas gift. So they spent a December afternoon coordinating colors and choosing sparkly centerpieces, while I manned the scissors and hot glue guns.

The felt I used are just regular square sheets from Michaels. I used a coupon and chose a lot of colors. For the centerpieces I just found a small box of embellishments that looked cute and girly (also from Michaels). The clips were leftover from this flower making project. I purchased a box of 100 clips from Sally Beauty Supply for just a few dollars.

As life settled down in January after the holidays, I realized that we had given away all the new clips and my girls didn’t have any to wear. So I made these cute heart clips in preparation for Valentine’s Day.

Pink and red layered felt hearts, with some red ribbon for  embellishment.

When I saw the felt flower tutorial at Creations by Kara, I knew this craft was right up my alley.  The basic idea is to cut two flower shapes out of felt, stack them on top of each other, cut a circle to create a rosebud, then hot glue it all together. She also recommended covering the clips with a bit of ribbon. You can see her full tutorial here

These flower clips turned out darling. They only took slightly more effort then my previous circle clips, but they are really cute. Adding the bit of ribbon makes them look more finished.The possibilities when it comes to felt hair clips are endless. You can cut any shape, add a center embellishment (using felt or buttons or whatever), glue a little ribbon on the clip, and you are all set. Your girls will love having special hair clips made just for them, for any occasion!

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