By the Numbers: A Look Back at Summer 2015

95, 95, and 67: morning miles completed by my three older children (some on foot, mostly by bike). My mileage on foot was somewhere in that range.

16 trips to the neighborhood swimming pool

14 movies watched as a family: Willow, Book of Life, Anastasia, Eight Below, American Tail, Incredible Journey, 17 miracles, Harry Potter #1-6 (Anwyn, mom, and dad), Brother Bear… plus Hidden Kingdom (3 episodes), ? episodes of the Cosby Show (seasons 1-2) and Clone Wars (season 2)

11 Family Home Evening lessons taught

11 trips to the library

4 Donuts from Krispy Kreme for National Donut Day

2 trips to the beach (Butler and Crescent)

2 movies that $1 theatre (Cinderella and Home)

1 week spent bird-sitting for friends

1 field trip to Poe Springs

87 books read by 10 year old Anwyn

100 books read by 7 year old Lily

countless picture books read by 5 year old Zach (some on his own, many as read alouds)

15 books read by me (mostly novels)

immeasurable joy from snuggles with our sweet baby Adam

And a great number of Enriching Activities including:

Fireworks in a jar

Pick blueberries at the farm

Visit the farmers market

Magic show at the library

Coin collecting and sorting

Balance Robots

decorating bikes for the 4th of July bike parade

Cow appreciation at Chick-fil-a

Created Kandinsky art, inspired by reading The Noisy Paint Box: The Colors and Sounds of Kandinsky’s Abstract Art, illustrated by Mary GrandPré, written by Barb Rosenstock

Day trip to Jacksonville: free books from Barnes & Noble and a new mini-van purchase

Juggler show at the library

Make oobleck (and read Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss)

Harry Potter day at the library

Florida Museum of Natural History

Splash Park in Alachua

3D hand drawing

Unbirthday Party complete with a scavenger hunt, Texas Sheet Cake, 8 kids, and 1 baby

Tye Dye t-shirt making with friends

Harn Museum of Art

Piano Group Lesson: piano performances, review games, learning about Beethoven

You can see photos of some of these activities here.

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