Learn Something Everyday: Links to online video learning for kids

One of my personal goals is to be a person who keeps learning. Being married to a psychologist who has experience with dementia has made me especially aware of how important it is to use our brains! So this summer we are striving to learn something everyday!

One way to do that is to use the internet as a resource. Here are links to a number of sites that offer educational programs for kids, so proceed with your own common sense.  I actually haven’t reviewed these yet personally, these are sites that were recommended by others. I will let you know what our favorites are!

The Kid Should See This: smart videos for curious minds of all ages

9 Fun Math YouTube Channels for Kids

9 Math YouTube Channels for Preschool Kids

15 YouTube Channels of Fun Science for Kids

Cool Science Experiments for Kids on YouTube

TED Talks to Watch with Kids

Entertaining and Education YouTube Channels for Kids from Live Renewed

Please share in the comments if you know of any other great sites! 

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One thought to “Learn Something Everyday: Links to online video learning for kids”

  1. Smerter Every Day is a good one, along with Veritasium.

    Also the Slow Mo Guys are good (but you have to monitor each video because they occasionally use bad words).

    Also the Crash Course videos are good, even if they are geared towards middle and high school students.

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