Welcoming and Closing words from President Monson (April 2014)

Temple-Building-and-Temple-Attending-PeopleImage via 24saltlake.com

“We are a temple-building and a temple-attending people.”

President Thomas S. Monson, “Welcome to Conference.” April 2014 General Conference.

“May heaven’s blessings be with each of us. May our homes be filled with love and courtesy and with the Spirit of the Lord. May we constantly nourish our testimonies of the gospel, that they will be a protection for us against the buffetings of the adversary. May the Spirit we have felt during these past two days be and abide with us as we go about those things which occupy us each day, and may we ever be found doing the work of the Lord.

President Thomas S. Monson, “Until We Meet Again”. April 2014 General Conference.

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