Living after the manner of happiness

This year our family has chosen 2 Nephi 5:27 for our family scripture:

“And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness”

I am really excited about this scripture, and the lessons that it will inspire. We have already had a few FHE lessons focusing on this month. As I have been studying the talks from the recent General Conference  a few quotes along this theme have stood out to me.

“Heavenly Father has made each of us unique. No two of us have exactly the same experiences. No two families are alike. So it is not surprising that advice about how to choose happiness in family life is hard to give. Yet a loving Heavenly Father has set the same path to happiness for all of His children. Whatever our personal characteristics or whatever will be our experiences, there is but one plan of happiness. That plan is to follow all the commandments of God.” (President Henry B. Eyring, “To My Grandchildren”)

“The Savior’s way of life is good. His way includes chastity before marriage and total fidelity within marriage. The Lord’s way is the only way for us to experience enduring happiness. His way brings sustained comfort to our souls and perennial peace to our homes. And best of all, His way leads us home to Him and our Heavenly Father, to eternal life and exaltation.This is the very essence of God’s work and glory.” (Russell M. Nelson, “Decisions for Eternity“)

“The gospel teaches us to be happy, to have faith rather than fear, to find hope and overcome despair, to leave darkness and turn toward the light of the everlasting gospel.” (Boyd K. Packer, “The Key to Spiritual Protection”)

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