Habits of scripture study and “The General Conference Book Club”

With the start of a new year, I have been reflecting on and evaluating my personal scripture study habits. I like to keep things interesting, so each week I try to study some of the following:

Some weeks go better then others, and I don’t always get to everything. I seem to go in spurts: some weeks I am really consistent at getting my study done early in the day, but other days it falls by the wayside (sadly, usually on the days when I get too caught up in my blog reader or Facebook updates). But with a new year comes a chance for new beginnings, so I am newly motivated to keep trying!

This blog has long been a place where I keep and share a collection of words to inspire mothers in their most essential role. Mothering is hard work, day after day, so this blog has long been my outlet for reminding myself (and hopefully a few of you) why we do what we do. In recent months I have stepped away from posting regularly as life has just gotten busier and I’ve been sorting out essential priorities.

This week a dear friend shared with me her daughter’s blog “Faith Fortified: General Conference Book Club“. Meg has created a General Conference Book Club–each week she is reading and posting about one talk from the most recent General Conference. I think this is a fantastic idea so I am joining the club! This just might be favorite book club yet!¬†Watch for future GCBC posts coming to you on Mondays. Anybody else want to join?

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