A Heartfelt FHE, and a few Primary inspired lessons

The Ant Bug had really been looking forward to making hearts and decorating our house for Valentines Day, and she figured that the last day of January was the perfect day to bring on the hearts. Since January 31st was a Monday, a Family Home Evening activity/lesson was born!

Scripture of the Week

“Yea, I will keep thy commandments with all my heart” (Alma 45:7).


If Listen With My Heart by Sally DeFord (the song taught in Primary during the month of January, found in the January 2011 Friend Magazine).

Lesson Plan

Display the scriptures and review the four books in the standard works. Explain that the scriptures are the word of God, and have been given as a guide to help us in these days. Explain that the Topical Guide and Index to the scriptures are wonderful tools to help us get the most out of our study of the scriptures. You can find scriptures on many different topics: Jesus Christ, faith, baptism, atonement, repentance, etc. There are even scriptures that have to do with heart(s).


Cut out construction paper hearts of all sizes (use the easy method here). Share and discuss scriptures relating to hearts with the help of the Topical Guide. We read a few different verses until we hit on the perfect scripture of the week for our family (see above). Hang the hearts around the house, and finish off with a treat!


I am really excited about the 2011 Primary theme “I Know the Scriptures are True”. I taught Sharing Time for the month of January in our ward, and I found a lot of resources and ideas that transferred well to a Family Home Evening lesson. One week we played this scripture matching game. We talked briefly about the scripture story and sang the accompanying song.

Another week we discussed how the scriptures will tell us all things that we should do. We used this set of scenarios and answering scriptures to find solutions to things that children would commonly have questions about.

A few different ambitious people have put together FHE lesson for the entire year that correspond to each weekly theme in Primary. Go here on Sugardoodle and then scroll down to Family Home Evening lessons for a few different packets to choose from.

Primary resources and lesson manuals are great places to look for inspiration and helps for Family Home Evening!

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