FHE: Consequences and "wickedness never was happiness"

Scripture of the Week
“Wickedness never was happiness”.
Alma 42:10

Lesson Plan
Have a discussion about consequences. I followed the script from A Family Home Evening on Consequences.

“A consequence is something that happens because of a choice you make. It could be good or bad, it could be natural or one that your parents make, but they are designed to teach you either way.”

We talked about consequences for misbehavior in our home, and emphasized that the reason they have to go in timeout or lose a toy is because we are helping them to learn a lesson. We hope that they will make good choices, because that makes all of us happy. Like Alma teaches “wickedness never was happiness”.

Then we talked about our new job chart for the girls. Really it’s more of “Things to do today” chart. So far it’s working out well for us, but we’ve only been using it for a few days. If it’s successful, I’ll write up a post about it in the near future.

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