A quick trick for lunchtime

Today I’m excited to share a guest post from my awesome sister Rachel.

As a busy mom of 3 boys, I try to simplify things where ever I can. One quick trick that works for us is having a consistent lunchtime schedule/menu. We are also fans of alliteration, so here is our lunch time meal plan:

Monday: Macaroni (Kraft Dinner)
Tuesday: Tomato soup & grilled cheese sandwich
Wednesday: Wieners (hot dogs)
Thursday: Any TH ideas ( or leftovers)
Friday: Fish (toasted tuna sandwich)
Saturday: some kind of sandwich

Lunch time is busy so it’s nice to just know what to make and not have to think it through every day. By the way we do add in fruit and veggies!

Rachel lives in Canada and is a mother of three fantastic boys. She likes to keep things simple so she has more enjoyable time to spend with them.
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