Gospel Study in March 2010

Among other things my gospel study in March included the following:

2010 Outline for Sharing Time
March Theme (and weekly gospel principles): God speaks through prophets.

March Scripture: “He spake by the mouth of his holy prophets, which have been since the world began” (Luke 1:70).

Ch. 5: The Creation
Ch. 6: The Fall of Adam and Eve

General Conference Addresses, October 2009

Boyd K. Packer, “Prayer and Promptings,” Ensign, Nov 2009, 43–46
That sweet, quiet voice of inspiration comes more as a feeling than it does as a sound. Pure intelligence can be spoken into the mind. The Holy Ghost communicates with our spirits through the mind more than through the physical senses. This guidance comes as thoughts, as feelings through promptings and impressions. We may feel the words of spiritual communication more than hear them and see with spiritual rather than with mortal eyes.

You can know the things you need to know. Pray that you will learn to receive that inspiration and remain worthy to receive it. Keep that channel—your mind—clean and free from the clutter of the world.

Learn to pray. Pray often. Pray in your mind, in your heart. Pray on your knees. Prayer is your personal key to heaven. The lock is on your side of the veil. And I have learned to conclude all my prayers with “Thy will be done” (Matthew 6:10; see also Luke 11:2; 3 Nephi 13:10).

Do not expect to be free entirely from trouble and disappointment and pain and discouragement, for these are the things that we were sent to earth to endure.

L. Tom Perry, “The Past Way of Facing the Future,” Ensign, Nov 2009, 73–76

May we all learn both of the important lessons taught by the shipbuilders from Norway who constructed the roof of the Manti Temple. First is the lesson of using the principles and truths of the past to help us face the future. Second, we learn from their desire to share what they knew with others to help build the kingdom of God. This second lesson, if we learn it well, will help many others of our brothers and sisters, fellow sons and daughters of God, face an uncertain future with the same eternal assurances we have.

Michael T. Ringwood, “An Easiness and Willingness to Believe,” Ensign, Nov 2009, 100–102
Indeed, the daily living of the gospel brings a softness of heart needed to have an easiness and willingness to believe the word of God. My testimony is that the teachings from our prophet and apostles in this conference, if followed, will lead to an easiness and willingness to believe in the word of God. We have been counseled to worship in the temple; to strengthen families through consistent family prayer, scripture study, and family home evening; to serve diligently in priesthood and Church callings; to pay tithes and offerings; to have faith and to pray for guidance; and to live worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

Thomas S. Monson, “Closing Remarks,” Ensign, Nov 2009, 109–10
We remind you that the messages we have heard during this conference will be printed in the November issues of the Ensign and Liahona magazines. As we read and study them, we will be additionally taught and inspired. May we incorporate into our daily lives the truths found therein.

The Ensign, March 2010

The Friend, March 2010

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