Preparing for General Conference (with children in mind)

Some timely counsel by President Gordon B. Hinckley:

โ€œI invite you to listen, listen if you will by the power of the Spirit, to the speakers who will address you [in General Conference]. If you will do so, I do not hesitate to promise that you will be uplifted, your resolution to do what is right will be stronger, you will find solutions to your problems and your needs, and you will be led to thank the Lord for what you have heardโ€ (source).

Are you ready for General Conference? I’ve still got some work to do. Here are some of the things I’m doing to prepare, so my family can get the most out of General Conference.

We had a special Family Home Evening lesson this week to prepare our children for conference weekend. The Ant Bug asked if we are going to play the “game where we listen for words (“temples” or “faith” of “Jesus Christ”, etc) and get to eat a candy (skittles or M&Ms) when we hear the word?” Obviously this game made an impression on her! You can get the key words file in this document.

As always, is the place to look for General Conference helps. One of my favorites is the General Authority ties which has been updated and can be found here.
These Apostle Cards are something new I’m trying this round. They have pictures and basic facts about each apostle (did you know President Monson can wiggle his ears?), and as soon as I get them laminated tomorrow we’re going to start talking about them . During the sessions we’ll use them to play “Match the speaker”.

This activity worked really well last April, so we’ll be repeating it. Remove the poster from the most recent conference Ensign. Hang it on the wall, and then the children get to put a sticker on the picture of whoever is speaking.

The Church has put together a General Conference Notebook for activities to do before, during, and after General Conference (it’s on the right hand side of the page). It’s a great journal keeping tool for older children.

I’m also rounding up toilet paper rolls to make miniature versions of the Prophet Spyglass.

With both of my girls in varying stages of illness this week, I didn’t feel comfortable bringing them along to my Visiting Teaching appointments (yes, I know we are last minute–we’re working on that!). When I saw this idea for a conference goodie bag I thought it would be perfect for the sisters I visit.
This is what the note says:

Just POPPING (popcorn) by to wish you a meaningful conference weekend. Sit back, relax and SOAK (lotion) it all in. Hope you learn something EXTRA (gum) and take NOTE (notepad) when you feel the spirit. Enjoy!

(Your name here)

I think I’ll use some of those same items in a basket for my girls!

Looking for more? Check out my General Conference posts from the past. You can find some great coloring pages and activity packets here.

Preparing for General Conference–With Children (Spring 2009)
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  1. Thanks! I was just thinking about this today. BTW, I was visiting a friend from college's blog and saw Nurture Mama listed in her blog roll. It is fun to see a link to you on other blogs!

  2. Those are some great ideas! My 4 year old asked me if we were going to play the "listen for words so you can get candy game" too! It must have worked! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thanks for all the great inspiration! I've always wanted to do a conference gift for my VT sisters–thanks for your idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

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