4 Activities for Kids

Here are a few fun activities to try on a long summer day!

Rainbow in a Bag (from More Mom Time)

Mix the following in a pot on stove:
1 cup cornstarch
1/3-cup sugar
4 cups cold water

Heat, stirring constantly. Once it starts to thicken – remove from heat.
Divide between as many bowls as you have colors (food coloring). Add some food coloring to each bowl and mix. Primary colors are great!
When it has cooled, scoop some of 2 or more of your goop into a ziploc bag. Seal the bag and enjoy squishing and squeezing to blend the colors.
And if squishing the bag isn’t enough, my girls had a blast mixing up all of the leftovers in the bowls. Messy, but fun!

Watercolor Initials (from Blissful Kids)

Contact paper

Draw and cut-out your child’s initial from the contact paper. Stick the initial onto the paper. Make sure you give the contact paper a good rub so the colors won’t seep underneath it during painting.
Let your little artist go to work painting the entire paper. When finished, let your painting dry, then peel off the contact paper.

Cutting Practice

We printed off these cute paper dolls and the Ant Bug had a fun afternoon cutting them all out. She didn’t really play with them much after she was all done, but it was worth it for the cutting practice!

Sensory Activity: Dig and Find (from No Time for Flashcards)

Your choice of rice, dried beans, unpopped popcorn, oats, etc.-we went with rice.
Small toys or items to find-we used plastic letters and animals
Storing and scooping supplies-plastic containers, spoons, measuring cups, etc.
I loaded up two large containers with rice, hid a few toys inside, and let the girls go at it. Finding the toys was pretty easy, but they really enjoyed scooping and pouring the rice and transferring it between containers.

It got even more fun once the feet were included!

Try not to stress out about the rice all over your floor! Sensory activities are messy, but they are so important for this age. That look of happiness makes it all worth it!

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6 thoughts to “4 Activities for Kids”

  1. Thanks! We did the watercolor initials, but we used finger paints and it worked out great and we had fun :- )

  2. Our former nursery leader colored the rice different colors and then mixed it all up and let the kids play in it. Our kids have a sandbox, so I don't think we will do the rice, but we'll try the other ideas. Thanks!

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