To the Mothers in Zion: Truly Love Your Children

This is part ten, which concludes my ongoing feature of President Benson’s address to mothers.

Truly Love Your Children. Tenth and finally, mothers, take the time to truly love your children. A mother’s unqualified love approaches Christlike love.

Ezra Taft Benson, To the Mothers in Zion, address given at a fireside for parents, 22 February 1987.

Would you like a recap? In the wise words of a wonderful latter-day prophet, here are ten ways that mothers can spend effective time with their children:

  1. Be at the crossroads.
  2. Be a real friend.
  3. Read to your children.
  4. Pray with your children.
  5. Have weekly home evenings.
  6. Be together at mealtimes.
  7. Read scriptures daily.
  8. Do things as a family.
  9. Teach your children.
  10. Truly love your children.

You can read the entire talk by clicking on the citation above. (Scroll down, it’s below the excellent talk by Elder Holland.)

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  1. Thanks for sharing these. I have to speak in church on what it means to be a mother in Zion on Sunday and my first thought was your post. Such a big topic–I hope I can get it all put together!

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