Hair, Hair, Hair

One of my favorite blogs to visit is She Does Hair. Blackeyedsue has wonderful ideas for styling girls hair. I’ve been having fun in the last few months experimenting with the Ant Bug’s hair.

The first one we tried was the Puffy Braid.

One of our favorite styles is Smocking. Here is one variation that we tried.

Last Sunday we went with the Loop-de-loop. Sorry about the less than great pictures, but that’s what we have.

This morning before Joy School we had a few extra minutes for hair, so the Ant Bug ended up with Lattice Ponytails. Unfortunately, she ran out the door before I took a picture, so I’ll try to get one this afternoon and post it later.

Of course, the B always looks adorable with her Antennae Style bug ponytails.

Luckily, the Ant Bug is usually pretty patient with my styling endeavors. She does have her days of simple one or two ponytails on top, or just down with a clip. Next up I’m going to start experimenting with Knots.

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