After General Conference-now what?

What a wonderful General Conference weekend! All of the messages were so inspiring, and so many of them addressed concerns that I have been praying/pondering about. It was interesting to witness the calling of three new apostles. I especially liked Elder Bednars talk: with the passing of Elder Perry, Pres. Packer, and Elder Scott I had gone back to review their recent messages. I have also been curious to hear what the last counsel of a prophet/apostle is before he dies, but hadn’t studied it out yet. It was heart-breaking to watch Pres. Monson struggle to deliver his message–we prayed for him as he spoke, as I am sure many others were doing. He truly is a man who has given his life to serving the Lord and His purposes.

meme-bednar-truths-1578560-printNow begins the wonderful task of studying and integrating the messages in our lives. In just a few short days the talks will be available on the Gospel Library app. I usually read 1-2 talks a day until I have made it through all of the sessions, highlighting key sections. I mark the messages that we should study further as a family, and we discuss them usually through Family Home Evening lessons.

I am planning to teach my children that apostles testify of Jesus Christ by sharing the following video:

Apostles Testimony MontageApostles are called to be special witnesses of Jesus Christ. Hear the first testimonies of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve after being called to their sacred roles.

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We will also continue to teach our children about the apostles, and especially help them get to know the new apostles.

I liked the ideas for General Conference recap shared here.

What will you do to make General Conference a part of your daily life?

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