Lunch box notes and jokes

My to-do list for the last two weeks has included this item: Make lunchbox notes/jokes

Tonight, I’m finally crossing this item off my list! And then I realized I should share my fun findings with you.

The background behind this post: When the Ant Bug was in Kindergarten last year, we had fun with little lunchbox notes of love. I was thankful for the creative moms who shared their talents (namely The Teach Mama). I printed off a bunch of notes in advance, and then just stuck them in her lunchbox throughout the year. I think (hope!) the Ant Bug enjoyed the notes and was reminded that I love her, but what she enjoyed most of all were the joke notes. So this year I’m going with joke notes as much as possible! Below are some links to creative lunch box notes and jokes (and some free printables). This should get me through a few months!

Lunch Jokes from Kristen Duke Photography

Jokes from Family Fun

The Official Lunch Survey from June Pfaff Daley (not jokes, but a really fun idea)

Lunchbox jokes from The Gunny Sack

Jokes with pictures from Kraft Canada

Lunchbox jokes from Trish Berg

51 Ideas for Smile Inducing Lunch Box Notes and Surprises

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4 thoughts to “Lunch box notes and jokes”

  1. Super Fun!! Thank you for sharing all the links. LOL, Kristen is my cousin and I missed her post about the jokes. Glad I found them here.

  2. I had the same issues with wanting to include jokes in my son’s lunchboxes and trying to find appropriate jokes. I finally just created a pdf myself – jokes for the whole school year that match up with seasons and holidays! Ready to print out, cut out, and hand out! The kids and their friends love them! The school principal even read a few over the intercom!

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