FHE: Faith of the Pioneers

Quote of the Week

“Let us never forget the faith of our fathers and the selfless sacrifice of our mothers, those pioneering Saints who set such an inspiring example of obedience. Let us remember them as we strive to be valiant servants in our work to “invite all to come unto Christ”  and “be perfected in him” (Wirthlin, source).


Pioneer Treasure Hunt (to help us learn more about the life of the pioneers)

More points for discussion (while we eat our traditional ice cream)

“We who have been blessed to know the fulness of the restored gospel owe a debt of gratitude to those who have gone before us, who have given so much to build the kingdom into the worldwide miracle that it is today. Our debt of gratitude to our forebears is a “debt that can best be paid in service to this great cause.” No matter who we are—no matter our talents, abilities, financial resources, education, or experience—we all can serve in the kingdom. He who calls us will qualify us for the work if we will serve with humility, prayer, diligence, and faith ” (Wirthlin, source)

Additional optional activity

Pioneer Hidden Picture from The Friend magazine

Further reading

Joseph B. Wirthlin, “Faith of our Fathers”, The Ensign, May 1996

My 2010 Pioneer FHE lesson: Pioneers, Seagulls and Crickets, and Faith

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