Yummy Popsicles

The hot days of summer are at their peak, and we’re staying cool with tasty homemade popsicles.

The first recipe we tried came from here. It was super easy, super yummy, and I felt healthier just eating one.

We then modified the recipe and tried mixing straight grape juice with plain yogurt and had a good result.

Our third trial used a recipe from here. We went with the Rocky Road Pops, with less than stellar results. I thought they were okay, but the Ant Bug had enough after two bites.

Today we hit the jackpot with the best concoction yet.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Raspberries, in small chunks
Plain yogurt
Berry flavored Juicy Juice

Mix the yogurt with a little juice (I don’t have exact amounts, so just use your best judgment). Toss in the berries, and fill your molds half full. Let freeze for 30 minutes or so, then come back and fill your molds with juice and add the handle or sticks or whatever you use. Come back a few hours later and voila–a tasty healthy treat, perfect for the hot days of summer.

Really, the possibilities here are endless. Strawberries, blueberries, peaches, raspberries. Mix in some yogurt, add some juice, and there you go. The yogurt adds a creamy touch so it’s more like a creamsicle, but it’s all delicious.

So what summer treats are you eating?

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  1. I got my molds at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Using one of the 20% off coupons that we get in the mail every other week, they were a very affordable $2.54.

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