Making our Valentines

The main task for this afternoon (once the usual homework, reading, piano practice, and snack time have been completed) is making our valentines. Lately we haveĀ preferred to go the homemade route, usually by making use of some cute printable found via Pinterest and attaching something small (there are hundreds ideas available).

Has Valentine’s Day always been so focused on treats and candy? My memories of Valentine’s Day as a child simply involve crafting some type of heart decorated holder, and filling classmates holders with cute little paper notes. But every year my kids are bringing home as much candy as they do on Halloween! And since we still have a large bowl overflowing with Halloween and Christmas candy, I opt to make Valentine cards that are candy-free.

The children and I browsed ideas on Pinterest, then headed to Target to see what we could find. We ended up purchasing the cute little bubble wands ($3 for a pack of 24) for my 10 year old and 7 year old girls to pass out. We will attach them to this cute printable from Simply Modern Mom: I am bubbling with excitement that you are my friend.

Image via Simply Modern Mom

My four-year-old boy opted for the bouncy ball option (16 for $3). We are going to attach them to this printable from What the Teacher Wants: Have a ball today!

Non Food Valentine Pics3
Image via What the Teacher Wants

Pretty simple and fun!

I thought we were all set, until my daughter asked what we were going to do for teachers this year. Uh….yikes! Time for more browsing. And in the spirit of usefulness and less candy, we are going with hand sanitizer and this printable from Simply Sprout: Spread Love, Not Germs!

Image via Simply Sprout
Image via Simply Sprout

Looking for more ideas? You can check out last year’s Valentine’s here, or scroll through my links below for some of the other options we considered this year.

Glow sticks: here and here




100 Clever Valentine’s Sayings paired with small items/treats

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