A Woman of Joy

A dear friend sent me this lovely card this year:1-DSC_0063She commented that I was like the “woman of joy” pictured on the cover. Her comment brought a smile to my face as I thought about the many reasons I have to be joyful.

1-DSC_0366I have joy with my husband. He is such a great support to me, and he shows me much love and kindness. I am so thankful that we are together…we make a great team!

IMG_0147I have joy with my children. Raising my children brings purpose and fulfillment to my life. While the day-to-day tasks may seem small (feeding, clothing, cleaning, teaching) the effects are far-reaching. The arms around my neck for a hug, the sticky and slobbery kisses, the bed-time stories and snuggles are moments to treasure.

IMG_0078I have joy in mothering and nurturing…especially the new spirit that will join our family in the spring.

lost-lamb-art-lds-425852-tabletI have joy in my Savior. Following the teachings and example of Jesus Christ bring great peace and comfort to me, showing the path that I should follow in this life.

I have joy in this Christmas Season, remembering that He Is the Gift.

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