10 steps to success in the Lord’s way

There is a great  article by Elder Richard G. Scott in the February 2014 Ensign, “Living a Life of Peace, Joy, and Purpose”.  He shared 10 specific things to lead to success in following the plan of the Lord for your life.

1.Establish principles to guide your life.

2. Don’t make exceptions to your standards.

3. Be loyal.

4. Live so that the Lord can guide you.

5. Serve others.

6. Smile.

7. Don’t complain.

8. Always have a Church assignment.

9. Worship in the temple.

10. Follow the Savior’s example.

“As an exceptional son or daughter of God, you are sorely needed. There is an urgent need for more men and women like you who will stand for principles against the growing pressures to compromise those very principles. Men and women are needed who will act nobly and courageously for what the Lord has defined as right—not for what is politically correct or socially acceptable. We need individuals who have the spiritual, righteous influence that will motivate others to live honorably. We need statesmen with integrity, businessmen who are honest and morally clean, attorneys who defend justice and the legal system, and government officials who preserve principle because it is right. Above all, we need mothers and fathers who will preserve the sanctity and safety of the home and the integrity of the family in which faith in God and obedience to His commandments are taught as the foundation of a productive life.”

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