An inspiring family on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

This week I was contacted by a representative from Extreme Makeover Home Edition and I was invited to preview an upcoming episode of the tv show. I have to admit, I haven’t ever watched a complete episode of the show before, but this episode was worth watching. This week’s show (airing Sunday, October 2nd) is a moving episode featuring a family from Utah. The Gomez family is a single mom with two cute children, and one of the children suffers from a rare blood disorder. It was amazing to watch the donations and volunteers come together to build a beautiful home for the Gomez family. My children were oohing and aahing over some of the fun features included in the play area¬† of the house (hint: a fun whirly swirly!).

The best thing about this episode is the awareness that the show is bringing to the rare disorder that Jonah (the son) is diagnosed with. With the help of Major League Soccer, they spread the word to thousands and gave many people the opportunity to volunteer to be a donor. After watching the show you’ll want to be a donor too!

So after watching General Conference this weekend, you might want to check out Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

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