Learning about the First Presidency

Today is the first day of Fall. After living in Florida for the past 5 years, I have come to realize that September and October still mean hot and humid weather and swimming for us, while I can only remember wistfully the beautiful changing leaves in the Utah canyons. But wherever we live, October will always mean General Conference and the opportunity to learn from true living apostles and prophets. I am thankful for it!

To prepare our children for General Conference this year we have been learning about the First Presidency during Family Home Evening. A big thanks to A Year of FHE for posting lessons on each member of the First Presidency. So far we have followed Emilie’s lesson plans for President Eyring and President Uchtdorf, enjoying some creative water-coloring and paper airplanes to help us share in the apostles interests. We’re looking forward to our upcoming lesson on President Monson this week. To conclude each lesson we ended with sweet treats and the viewing of any Mormon Messages videos that pertained to that apostle. This video on patience is one of my favorites:

I love the Mormon Message videos, and I often use them in Family Home Evening lessons. You can view all of them here.

Next on my “To Do” list is to get the children’s activity packets ready for use during General Conference. The current version of the ever-popular Sugardoodle packets are available here, and you can get loads and activities and ideas from this Sugardoodle index page. If you want to see my favorite ideas, hop on over to the Tags box in my right side bar and click on General Conference.

Best wishes for fall and an inspiring General Conference!

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