Shamrocks and Rainbows

Our theme for the month of March is mostly shamrocks and rainbows.

We’ve been reading Duckie’s Rainbow by Frances Barry. That book gave the Sweet Bee a template for the colors of the rainbow. Does anybody else sing the little song to remember the colors in order? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. We made a simple rainbow out of colored chenille stems, although our rainbow was a little nontraditional since we had to substitute pink for purple.We experimented with shamrocks and symmetry, from this idea at Teach Mama. We folded green paper in half and drew half of a shamrock and cut it out, then opened it up to discover a perfectly symmetrical shamrock. Next we painted one side of the fold, then folded it back together and smashed it and smushed it. The Sweet Bee’s favorite part was opening it up to see the design on the inside.

We tried making this clover bouquet from No Time for Flashcards. Unfortunately, ours didn’t turn out so cute, but we did have a good time slathering the paper rolls in green paint.

For Family Home Evening this week I plan to count our blessings, using this Lucky Us idea I saw on Sugardoodle.

Making marshmallow rainbows has been on my project list for awhile (my girls loooooove marshmallows), and now we can make marshmallow shamrocks as well. I just have to find some multi-colored marshmallows at the store (I struck out at Publix this week).


A friend recently introduced me to the very handy site I Share Printables. Go check it out, it’s very fun. Browsing there I found the following fun links:

St. Patricks Day coloring page

St. Patrick’s theme lunchbox notes from Crafts & Sutch: I’ll be putting one of these in the Ant Bug’s lunch tomorrow!

Fun room art, like this subway art from eighteen25.

Fun Shamrock and Rainbow ideas I like but haven’t had time for yet

Shamrock Stamp craft at Silly Eagle Books: use foam heart stickers on a bottle cap to create a stamp

Rainbow connection and rainbow pudding at Make and Takes: food coloring with milk or pudding, take your pick! Great color mixing lessons.

Rainbow pancakes at The Idea Room: what a fun idea for our traditional Saturday morning pancakes or waffles.

Stained glass shamrocks at Teach Mama: pretty decorations for the window

Looking for other March ideas? I love this hand print lion and lamb craft at Meet the Dubiens. I think we’ll use this for our Letter of the Week “L” project coming up soon!

Will you be wearing green on March 17th? I’m all set in this sweet apron my dear husband got me for Christmas!

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3 thoughts to “Shamrocks and Rainbows”

  1. Wow! What a lot of great ideas! So timely, too! We’re doing rainbows and something to do with St. Patrick’s day for our mommy preschool theme this week.

  2. I just remembered you could “paint” white marshmallows the colors that you need. You mix food coloring with milk and paint away – we’ve done it with the jumbo size so that we could have a big enough work space. Then let the mallows dry and then you could glue them to use for your rainbow.

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