Satan’s tactics against women

“If I were Satan and wanted to destroy a society, I think I would stage a full-blown blitz on women. I would keep them so distraught and distracted that they would never find the calming strength and serenity for which their sex has always been known.”

Patricia T. Holland, ““One Thing Needful”: Becoming Women of Greater Faith in Christ”, Ensign, Oct. 1987, 26

This is an excellent talk for any woman who has every struggled with the “perfect Mormon woman” mindset, or in other words, trying to do everything on your to-do list plus more. Just one more excerpt that made me smile because it is exactly how I feel. In speaking of young mothers Sister Holland states:

They described to me the struggles of trying to raise children in an increasingly difficult world, of never having enough time or means or freedom to feel like a person of value because they were always stretched to the ragged edge of survival. And there were so few tangible evidences that what they were doing was really going to be successful. There was no one to give them a raise in pay; and beyond their husbands (who may or may not remember to do it), no one to compliment them on a job well done. And they were always tired! The one thing I remember so vividly with these young mothers was that they were always so tired.

Go read the entire talk here.

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