FHE: A Happy Home Lesson

This lesson was inspired by this lesson on Reverence I found on Sugardoodle.net, where the idea of a happy and sad chapel was presented. I decided to modify it to apply it to our home.

Lesson Plan

Show the picture of the sad home, and say the following:

This is a picture of a sad home.
The children in this home were always fighting and yelling.
Sometimes the children even hit and scratched and bit.
Family members didn’t like to do their jobs, and the house was often messy.

Next, show the picture of the happy home and say the following:

This is a picture of a happy home.
The people in this home are loving and kind.
The children play together nicely. They take turns and share.
The family members work together to take care of their home, because they understand that everyone needs to do their part.
Family members do their chores without complaining (and they only need to be reminded once).
The people here love to read good books and learn together.
The people in this home look for ways to help each other. They help with shoes and diaper changes.
The family members give lots of hugs and kisses and say I love you.

Which home would you rather live in???

Give each child a picture of a home to color, and then discuss ways that we can work together as a family to make our home a happy home. Review our family habits.

Note: I  found the images that I used for our house coloring pages here and here.

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