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We’re on vacation this week, so today I am happy to be sharing a guest post from my awesome sister-in-law Tiffany.

With several children getting a new cup every time they want a drink you will soon fill up the sink or dishwasher with cups. Our easy solution is to make name cups—simply write a name on each cup and you are set! We use our cups for snack-time and dinner. The name cups come in especially useful on weekends or during the summer school break when everyone is at home.

Helpful Hints:

You will need a plastic cup for each family member and a paint pen. I’ve tried permanent markers (like Sharpie) in the past, but that washes off after a time or two. Paint pens work better—look for an oil based, permanent, fine point paint pen.

Some other ideas…

Colored Cups—if each child in your family has a designated color than it’s easy to get a different colored cup for each child. (I wanted to avoid the arguing over different colored cups so ours are all the same color!)

Kid Decorated Cups—have each child decorate their own cup with their name and a simple pattern or drawing. My mom had us do this when we were younger—I drew a bunny on mine! We mostly used our name cups for road trips and camping.

Water Bottles—this idea also works great for refillable water bottles! We have a set of nice ones we use for road trips.

Tiffany’s greatest joys in life come from her family and her faith. She lives with her dear husband and 6 cute kids in Texas. She loves to read, bake, and stay in touch with family. She tries to find and focus on the joy in the journey and blogs about it at This Journey: with joy wend your way.
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