FHE: God speaks through prophets part 2

Scripture of the Week:
“He spake by the mouth of his holy prophets, which have been since the world began.”
Luke 1:70

Lesson Plan
Complete the March page of our Scripture Journal, using activities from the March 2010 Friend magazine. We talked about some of the teachings of President Monson, from this article in the magazine. Then we sang our favorite verses from Follow the Prophet (CS 110-111) and looked at the pictures in the magazine on p. 25.

Our FHE tonight was a little different. We needed to go to the store to look at infant car seats (Baby #3 is due to arrive in 3 weeks!), so we did our lesson in the car as we drove. I know that’s not really ideal, but it actually made our lesson go smoother than usual. We had a captive audience since the kids were strapped in their car seats! When we got home the kids colored their scripture journal page while we got the treat ready.

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