All Things Frozen Day 2: Ice Treasures

Want to hear my secret weapon for dealing with summer heat? Add ICE!

Today’s Activity: Ice Treasures

Let’s Explore shared a great activity for occupying children in the hot summer months–let them dig for buried ice treasures! Here is our take on this activity.

First, you’ll need to bury the treasure. I used small plastic animals, but you could use anything you have around your home–buttons, sea shells, marbles, beads, etc.

Select your container (plastic food storage containers for us) and start freezing. Do it in layers, so your treasure gets dispersed throughout. Once it’s ready to go, gather your excavating tools.

You can see from the picture above that we had a variety of tools. The most useful tool was the bowl of warm water, from which we filled medicine droppers and a water bottle. So in the end I guess we did a lot more “melting” than “digging” but it was still a fun activity.
My girls loved freeing the animals. The Ant Bug has been begging to do this activity again, so I think we have a winner here!

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