More than just a sneeze

If you happen to sneeze at our house, you might get more than the standard “Bless you”.

One way that The Dad and I have tried to foster love in our home is through our sneezing ritual. What’s so loving about sneezing, you ask? Read on for a typical sneezing scenario at our home.

The Dad: “sneeze”
Nurture Mama: “Bless you”
The Dad: “sneeze” again
Nurture Mama: “Oh, I love you.”
The Dad: “sneeze” yet again
Nurture Mama: “Oh, I really love you!”

This tradition started when we were first married, and has now grown to include our children. The Ant Bug loves this routine and usually continues the conversation with fake sneezes. I then respond: “Oh, so much love!” and “Lots of love!” and “Hugs and kisses!” and “Loving you forever!”

This is just one of the ways we nurture and show love to each member of our family.

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2 thoughts to “More than just a sneeze”

  1. It’s a nice tradition but I always have to stop myself from saying “I love you!” now when I’m out in public (like in class) and someone sneezes multiple times. I never have but I’ve had to think about not saying it. 🙂

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